Sun, Sand, and Speed: An Atmospheric Look at the 1955 Bahamas Speed Week

Who doesn’t enjoy a work-sponsored conference conveniently organized near the beach?

Even 1950s race car drivers, whose profession was perhaps the most glamorous of all time, looked forward to a tropical work trip. From 1954 to 1966, Bahamas Speed Week served that express purpose. Positioned at the end of the racing season, it attracted top drivers and cars for a week of spirited racing and partying.

Motorsports photographer Tom Burnside, whose collection is now available on the Revs Digital Library (, captured the energy and aura of the event in 1955, from the unloading of the cars on the docks of Nassau to Ferraris speeding past on the Windsor Field Road Course.

Enjoy the trip back in time, with not a cruise ship in view.

First held in 1954 on the Windsor Field Road Course in Nassau, the inaugural event was titled as the Nassau Trophy Road Races.

One horsepower vs. 270 hp.