Forgotten Classics at 2020 Interclassics Maastricht

The leading annual indoor car show featured epic designs from the past

The annual Interclassics Maastricht is one of the leading indoor classic car fairs in Europe. Staged in the southernmost tip of the Netherlands, near the German and Belgian borders, the event has a convenient, central location. For the 27th edition, more than 300 exhibitors filled four halls of the Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre (MECC) with a variety of merchandise, ranging from books to bumpers to neon signs.

More importantly, there were more than 800 cars on display. Most of these were for sale, but there were also displays from enthusiast clubs and a Coys auction. The central feature this year was a special exhibition of “Forgotten Classics” with two dozen “epic designs from the past.”

Diversity was one of the keywords in Maastricht.

The cars looking for new owners at the Interclassics Maastricht were remarkably diverse. The variety was not only found between different dealers, but even on dealer stands; one offered a Ferrari F40 together with a Citroën 2CV, while another had a Volkswagen Beetle, a Messerschmitt bubble car and an Amphicar. We were particularly taken by the display of Team RACEART, who is based at the nearby Maastricht Aachen airport. They showcased a selection of modern GT cars that included such rarities as the Spyker C8 Double 12R, Marcos LM600 Evo, Gillet Vertigo and an ex-Ronnie Peterson March 711 Grand Prix car.

The mighty Ferrari 512 M raced in period by Garage Francorchamps

Although slightly tucked away on the Assicuro/RSM stand, one of the best cars at Interclassics was Écurie Francorchamps’ Ferrari 512 M. This two-time Le Mans veteran belongs to a Hong Kong based collector and is rarely seen in public. This noteworthy vehicle on show is finished in bright yellow; the vibrant color of this Ferrari was hard to miss. A distinct highlight that was far less conspicuous was an all-black Stanley Steamer brought by Fine Automobiles. This car was built in 1913 and owned by the same family for the last 70 years. It has survived in remarkably original, yet fully functioning condition. The bright red Lancia 037 prototype was easy to spot in the crowd and charmed many.

The highly original Stanley Steamer

The central theme of Forgotten Classics offered a trip down memory lane by highlighting 24 designs from car companies that no longer exist. Among them were manufacturers as diverse as Talbot-Lago, DAF, Saab, Studebaker and Minerva. The cars on display themselves were great, but the highlight was the mascots fitted on the vehicles. The Belgian Minerva featured a mascot that was the head of the Roman goddess of wisdom herself. Few mascots, however, can rival the art deco La Cocotte fitted on the radiator cap of Voisins. The first one was made of a few scraps of aluminum held together by rivets.

The Voisin mascot was initially constructed of several strips of aluminum riveted together

During the four days of the 2020 Interclassics Maastricht, a record number 34,743 visitors attended. This sum smashed the previous record set back in 2018 during the 25th-anniversary edition. Between the numerous dealer stands, automobilia vendors and unique displays, the guests had plenty to admire.