The Ferrari 400 Superamerica

One of the few Ferrari road cars that Enzo Ferrari owned personally

The fact il Commendatore had possession of the 1962 Ferrari 400 Superamerica that rests regally in The Revs Institute is just one of the facts that make it so special.

Enzo Ferrari likely didn’t have to wait for his Superamerica, serial numbered 3097SA. It was fitted with the regular headlights, beige leather seats that had a corduroy inset and finished in a metallic silver green called Verde Dora

“The highlight starts high at the front and gracefully slopes down to just above the rear bumper. Just beautifully balanced power and elegance that is Pininfarina at its best.”

Next the engine, another design of famed engineer Gioacchino Colombo. For this V12 engine–type 163–the 400 merely meant the engine’s displacement is 4 liters.

There are also some oddities that indicate Ferrari’s Superamerica was something of a test car. The front suspension has the expected double A-arms, coil springs and tube shocks, though the latter carry no maker’s name.