Alvis:  Maintaining Perpetuation

Britain’s historic manufacturer carries on

Over 100 years since the first Alvis was created, the cars are still maintained, restored and even built from new-old-stock in the atmospheric, labyrinthine building that has housed them since 1968.

Alvis was always known for high standards of engineering, and that’s backed up by the quality of its engineering drawings, which cover every part for every car.

Alan Stote bought his first Alvis in 1981. Alan was a customer of Red Triangle, and he agreed to get more involved with the company. It’s since quadrupled in size.

The Alvis Car Company showroom building – located at the Red Triangle since 1968. It’s here that the continuation models, cars for sale and Alan’s own vehicles are displayed.

The 1922 10/30 in the showroom would have cost around £500 new – fives times more than an Austin 7.

Special Alvis service tools in the Red Triangle workshop.