Ferraris from the Front Office

Choices of top executives say a lot about the cars...and about them

If you’re reading this you have probably dreamed about what Ferrari you’d have if you could have any Ferrari on the planet. You might have had that dream today. For three men who had intimate ties to Ferrari, that dream was an every day reality.

Giovanni Agnelli was heir to the Fiat empire and one of the wealthiest men in Italy.

Battista Pininfarina was the chief of one of Europe’s most highly regarded coach-building enterprises, a resource to which Ferrari turned over and over again for some of its most elite models.

And then there was Enzo Ferrari, Il Commendatore himself, the founder of Ferrari and its driving force for the better part of 40 years.

Each of these men had the wherewithal to obtain virtually any Ferrari — or any car for that matter. As men in the front offices, as the prime movers-and-shakers in the Italian auto industry, their actions were more than influential. They were nearly law. So learning what they drove tells you something of each of them and about the cars themselves. The three stories collected here detail that for you.

Enzo Ferrari’s Ferrari 400 Superamerica


Giovanni Agnelli’s Ferrari 375 California Coupe


Battista Pininfarina’s Ferrari 275 GTB Speciale