Editor’s Picks

A photo gallery showcasing the recent work of Wouter Melissen

This week, Editor’s Picks features a gallery of photographs by Wouter Melissen, a byline that should be familiar to readers for the stellar work that has appeared on this site over the course of the past difficult year.

Wouter is a long-time automobile aficionado, having created his site, Ultimatecarpage.com, while still in high school. Turning his passion into his day job, he has continued to cover major events around the world for his site and for a wide variety of publications while also photographing races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans for teams and drivers. We hope you enjoy this sample of his recent work with the camera. – Peter Jurew, managing editor

For the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix, Moss had the side panels removed.
The start of the Heritage Touring Cup race with Maxime Guenat on the far right.
There is no mistaking the driver of the very compact Tyrrell 003.
Giovanni Savonuzzi created this futuristic Supersonic design for Ghia, which was fitted to eight 8V chassis.