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Our favorite photos posted over the last thirty days

Editor’s Picks features photographs that have been posted on the site in the past month, as curated by Collier AutoMedia.com’s creative director, Ole Lund. We hope you enjoy his picks and his explanations for selecting them. Peter Jurew, managing editor

Jensen Interceptor. Photo: Alamy.

Movie Cars: Five Favorites From The Fast and Furious

The Jensen Interceptor, designed by Carrozzeria Touring, is just one of the many amazing cars in the Fast & Furious film series. At one level, these films are too over-the-top silly to take seriously. Under the bonnet, however, the cars are lean and mean. And once you catch the bug, you’re smitten for life.

Volkswagen Beetle. Photo: Peter Harholdt.

1956 VW Beetle Hot Rod

I’ve always been a fan of the Volkswagen Beetle, even before I was really even a car enthusiast. It lives on in collective memory and in pop culture. A piece of history.

1951 Porsche 356SL Gmünd Coupe. Photo: Paul Russell and Company.

1951 Porsche 356SL Gmünd Coupe

I really liked this image. The featured car, serial number 3003, is in the Miles Collier Collections at Revs Institute in Naples Florida.

This takes us back to Gmünd, Austria, just after World War II. To promote the idea of building a sports car, Ferry Porsche created a forward-looking mid-engine design. The tube-frame special constructed to that design was numbered 356/1. The 356 denoted this was Porsche’s 356th project since the design firm opened in 1931.

Engine of the Porsche Speedster. Photo: Peter Harholdt.

Giant Killer – Bruce Jennings’ 1958 Porsche Carrera GT Speedster

My favorite car ever, made famous by a fierce competitor. Bruce Jennings was always the man to beat. They called him “King Carrera.”  His finesse at the wheel of his diminutive Porsche Speedster elevated a model that shouldn’t have been that competitive against much bigger cars – but no one told him that. This image appeared in a terrific article by Ken Gross where he tells the story of one of American racing’s legendary characters and his Porsche Carrera GT Speedster.